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Organising Kids Dress Ups

April 21, 2015
We recently did a bit of rearranging of our toy room (I will share details soon) and found that all the dress ups were taking over the room. We decided to move them into Hazel’s bedroom and create a little dress up corner.

I found this mirror on gumtree a few months ago and thought it would be perfect for Hazel’s dress up corner. I gave it a coat of mint green paint and hung it on the wall. I put all the dress ups into a big cane basket so they were easy to find and more importantly, easy for Hazel to throw them all back in when she is done playing.


I put 4 little baskets into Hazel’s top drawer and divided up her jewellery, headbands, belts and play keys.

The dress up corner gets a workout most days, Hazel loves having them in her room and being able to check her outfits out in the mirror, and I love how quick and easy it is to pack them away at the end of the day.


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