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January 4, 2015

Happy Monday Everyone!

Last week I talked about how important goal setting is and how to set some really solid, achievable goals. Today I want to chat about how to achieve those goals once you have them down on paper.

Introducing the Weekly Plan Of Attack. I have been doing a weekly POA for close to 12 months now and the difference it has made to my productivity has been nothing short of AMAZING!

The idea of a POA is to take an hour or so each week, away from everyone and with no distractions, to plan out the upcoming week.

I know for a lot of mum’s it is near impossible to get away from your kids for 5 minutes, let alone an hour. Try getting up an hour earlier one morning, get your partner to take the kids out for a while or wait until they go to bed. Finding time is probably the most difficult part but trust me, it is worth it when you see how much less stressed you are. I have my Weekly Plan Of Attack early every Sunday morning, I love to start my week with a clear plan so this is the perfect time for me.

Once you find a time each week, it is time to decide what you will do during your POA. Last week I challenged you to set some goals for 2015, grab these as well as some blank paper to make a schedule of how your POA will run.

I always start my POA with a Brain Dump. This is where I write down everything I have on my mind at the time – bills to pay, upcoming events, people to call, things to do. Get as much out of your head as possible so you can start planning your week with a blank slate. I also keep a brain dump page in my day planner so if I think of anything during the week that I need to attend to, I write it down ready for my Weekly Plan of Attack.

The next thing I do is check my monthly calendar and my husbands calendar and transfer all our appointments, events, work times and meetings into my weekly planner. Doing this first ensures everything that NEEDS to be done, is in your planner first and doesn’t get forgotten.

I then go through and review my yearly goals and add tasks and to do’s to my planner. For me these include – scheduling our family meeting, planning a family activity, scheduling a baking day and planning Hazel’s learning topics for the week. This is the step that is going to help you achieve your yearly goals. On my Plan of Attack schedule, I have a list of all the things I need to add to my planner each week so I don’t forget anything.

Once I have my week planned out and all my goals added to my planner, I spend some time doing things like – budgeting for the week, scheduling upcoming bills, meal plan and writing my shopping list, writing my to do list for the week, planning upcoming holidays, birthdays or events and filing paperwork.

During the week I always have my day planner with me or open within view so I can follow the plan I have made. I find it is so much easier to start the week with a plan, rather than a blank page and no idea what is happening or needs to be done.

It is so easy to become overwhelmed, unfocused and unorganised as a mother. By setting aside a small amount of time each week, you will set yourself up for an organised, stress free, productive and focused week. This time will allow you to get those to do’s done, stop missing appointments and achieve your goals.


Your challenge for this week is to schedule some time for a Weekly Plan Of Attack and to start thinking about what you will achieve during that time. I would love to hear how you go!

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  • Reply Ellen Allsop June 17, 2016 at 12:34 am

    I love this post – this is similar to what I do every Sunday evening but without having to factor in children! I prefer to use a desk planner instead of a diary and keep my diary for specific appointments etc. and have everything else like studying, running, work and my blog on my desk planner 🙂

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