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Guest Post – Organising Wedding Keepsakes

November 3, 2014

Hi Everyone! I am so excited to have Jessica here today sharing a post about how she organises her Wedding Keepsakes. Give Jess a warm Forever Organised welcome!

It’s so nice to be doing another post for Forever Organised and talking about a project that has been really important to me for over 12 months… Organising my Wedding Keepsakes. It took me a couple of months to get going and stuck into it because let’s face it; the greater portion of us pour so much into planning, organising (and pinning everything within the realm of what we like). Once the excitement passes of seeing the photos from the big day, posting them on Facebook and getting at least a like and comment from every person on our friends list, we’re kind of just ready to settle into happily married life and not really deal with ‘more wedding organising’ for a while.

I got married in Thailand in February of 2013. It was even better than I had imagined and I was determined to take my time to preserve ‘all the elements’ as best as I could in a way I know I will be happy with for decades to come. Although I had found my two boxes within a week of returning from my honeymoon. Simply dumping in there ‘all the bits and pieces’ was as far as I got and I even had some sitting next to the box for a little while. Within 6 weeks the first step I took was to properly fold my dress and wrap it in tissue paper and put into one of the boxes. Then I told myself that with the exception of the photo album and DVD everything else that I wanted to keep HAD to fit in the 2nd box.

I’m extremely happy with just how much I got inside of this box and both of these boxes now live nicely at the top of my wardrobe.



  • Cards from guests of our Engagement Party
  • Cards from guests of our Wedding
  • My Hens Night Sash & Veil
  • Mini scrapbook from my Hens Night
  • My silk robe I wore when getting ready
  • Disc containing all of our original photos
  • My something blue (my shoes I wore on the day)
  • A wedding favour from the place setting at the reception
  • My son’s shirt and tie (he was only 2.5 years old at the time)
  • An organza bag with my jewellery I wore
  • Mine, my husband and my son’s placecards from the reception
  • A copy of the menu
  • A copy of my Dad’s speech
  • Boxes that my engagement ring came in and the box for both mine
  • and my husband’s wedding rings
  • Polaroids from the wedding day
  • Marriage Certificate


As mentioned above I kept my sash and veil from the night and was given this little book from one of my friends that everyone was suppose to write in but…well we had a few too many cocktails and it didn’t get written in. However, I hate gifts like this going unused so I decided to turn it into my fun little scrapbook containing pics from the night and a place to journal some of the laughs.




Another gorgeous gift I received was a certificate holder and I keep a copy of our marriage certificate in this within my keepsake box and a 2nd copy in our family’s “Important documents” folder with our birth certificates etc.


The night I finally finished my wedding album and clicked “order to print”…. I cried multiple happy tears. I took approximately 105 hours over roughly 8.5 months to build page by page in photoshop our 80 page album and cover art for our DVD.

The album itself is a 12×12 inch hardcover book (printed through The Photobook Club) with pages being what I consider a nice balance between:
-Full page images
-Digital Scrapbooking detailed pages
-And a journal of the day

Within my journalling I made sure I included the following details of the day:
A little list of my something old, new, borrowed & blue
The guests who attended (and also: celebrant, wedding coordinator, photographer and my hair & make up artist.)
The menu at the reception
And the main songs and at what stage they were played.

In place of a guest book at the reception for everyone to write in we went with the currently popular option of having a Polaroid camera available and people writing a message to us on the base of a Polaroid pic of themselves. I made a note in my wedding planner at the time that when I created the wedding album I would then scan all of these Polaroids and create some additional pages at the back of the album with them in it as my biggest fear was that over many years these original photos would fade.


When I received my printed copy of our wedding album I then stuck an envelope at both the inside of the front cover: to hold  a copy of our invitation. And inside the back cover: to hold a copy of our Thank you card.

My father-in-law was our videographer on the big day and he kindly took his footage to a place to get edited and gave us the disc as another wedding present. I then created cover art for it in Photoshop to match our album.

LASTLY…What I do with “other peoples’ wedding stuff”
I consider my home very organised and have minimal attachment to everyday items and find myself constantly culling but I have always had an attachment to paper items such as wedding invites etc. Thinking about the time and effort that my friends and loved ones went into selecting or creating these things makes it hard for me to simply chuck them. So I created myself a 12 x 12 inch scrapbook of sorts that contains invites, photos, placecards etc from various weddings and events that my little family and I have attended. I do at least a 2 page layout with the papers and elements tying in with the colour theme from the wedding or event.


Most of all I love that I can neatly and compactly store this book on the same shelf with my collection of digital photobooks that I’ve created over the last few years, one of which being our wedding album.



Jessica Schultz is a work-at-home Mum who does website maintenance and article writing for her inlaws’ business Sewroo Products. Sewroo Products are high quality Australian made ironing board covers, peg bags and wash bags. Jessica also has her own business Stepford Cupcakes making and decorating custom designed cupcakes for all occasions.  Jessica loves getting to work at home and constantly be with her son Hudson and puppy Willow, she’s an avid organising and cleaning enthusiast who can be found hanging out online in the ‘Forever Organised challenge group’.


Do you have an organising project that you would love to have featured on Forever Organised? Send an email to with brief description of your project and some photos of the space. 

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