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6 Time Management Tips for Super Busy Families

September 7, 2014
I am sure every busy mum has wished for just a couple more hours each day, I know I sure have. So instead of wishing for more hours, I have some tips to make the most of the hours you do have each day.

1. Meal Plan – I have talked lots of times about the importance of planning your meals, and this need is only increased when you have a busy family. Check out this post for lots of tips on how to meal plan for your family.


2. Create a Schedule – If you don’t already have a schedule, take a notepad and write down everything you do for a few days with the time. Make a note of the areas that need to improve your productivity or swap things around to make the most of your productive times. It will probably take a few attempts to get your schedule right however once you have it perfect, it is great to reference throughout the day if you are feeling off track or for those really busy mornings. You can read my daily schedule here.

3. Use a Day Planner – Day Planner, calendar, phone planner, it doesn’t matter what it is but you need one. Keep track of every appointment, event, birthday and to do in one spot so the whole family knows what is happening and when.

4. Create a System for Incoming Papers – If you don’t create a system for all that mail and paper it is just going to keep piling up. Open mail as soon as it comes into your home, bin anything that you don’t need, and find a home for items to be actioned and items to be filed. Same with school notes, either fill them out right away or store them somewhere to fill out all at once.

5. Pack the night Before – Having bags packed, clothes ready and lunches done (or partly done) the night before saves so much time in the mornings. Put bags near the door (or in the car) ready to go, lay out clothes and shoes, have lunch boxes either packed in the fridge or washed on the bench ready to be packed. Having everything done when you wake up makes for a stress free morning, hopefully without any meltdowns.

6. Plan your week – Each Sunday night, sit down with your calendar and take 30 minutes to plan your week. Make sure you know everything that is coming up so you don’t have any unexpected surprises. Taking just 30 minutes write down everything that is happening will make a huge difference to your productivity throughout the week.

I hope these tips help to bring a little bit more clam to your day and stop you from feeling quite so busy all the time. If you have any time management tips for families I would love to hear them.

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  • Reply Shaki December 20, 2016 at 6:48 am

    I totally agree with tip #5, packing the night before! I do this with my boys, we’re a sports family and I’ve found that it saves a huge amount of time. I lay out all of their gear, pack their bag with extra’s and put the bag in the car all the night before. That way there’s no scrambling in the morning just in case we wake up late! 🙂

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