I Love Lists #1

June 1, 2014
Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you have had a lovely weekend. As you all know I am a huge fan of writing lists so I thought I would start sharing some of my lists each Sunday as well as a catch up of posts from the week.

Blog Catch Up

This week I returned from my little blogging vaycay after almost a month off. I shared some tips for how to cope when mum gets sick, because mums deserve sick days too.


I also shared my Organised Dressing table over at A Bowl Full Of Lemons. This is one of my favourite and most relaxing areas of my home, I hope you will pop over and have a read.

Meal Plan

I was a little bit slack with my meal planning while I have been unwell but I am back onboard this week. This is what is on our menu for the upcoming week.

Sunday – Roast Pork and Vegetables
Monday – Chicken Pastry Parcels with Vegetables
Tuesday – Slow Cooker Massaman Chicken with Rice
Wednesday – Beef Burritos and Salad
Thursday – Terriyaki Chicken and Salad
Friday – Tuna Mornay with Pasta
Saturday – Chicken and Vegetable Pasta Bake

To Do List

This is a list of extra things I would like to accomplish this week. I try not to get too ambitious when writing this to do list because they are all things I would like to achieve in addition to my regular to do’s, cleaning and errands. Once I have written my list I block out time for each task in my day planner to make sure they all get done.

This week I have a couple of projects I want to finish and cross off my big list.

  • Find and install handles on Buffet
  • Line Buffet drawers and shelves
  • Organise my new office drawers
  • Add new items to my online store (keep an eye out for that one)
  • Organise a date night for this month
  • Make 2 new Busy Bags for Hazel

Blog Love

There are some seriously talented bloggers out there, some who I have been a massive fan of long before I started blogging. These are the bloggers inspiring me this week.

I found a fantastic new blog this week, pop over and say Hi to Brit from House Updated. I am all kinds of in love with the playroom she created for her kids. It is such a lovely organised space with so much to inspire her kids to get crafty.

I am seriously crushing on this chalkboard calendar Desiree from The 36th Avenue made for her fridge. Isn’t it amazing!

Morgan from Morganize With Me wrote a fantastic post this week about accepting that being organised doesn’t necessarily mean that everything will go smoothly and even the most organised person has days where nothing goes to plan. Anyone who is in pursuit of organised perfection really needs to read this (myself included!).

List Love

I am always writing lists for everything, if it isn’t on a list it doesn’t exist in my reality! So, I thought I would share one of these lists with you each week.

Mummy Daughter Dates
– Ice Cream at the Park
– Manicure/Pedicure Night
– Baking Day
– Star Gazing
– Farmers Market
– Tea Party
– Sundae’s and a Movie
– Craft Day
– See a Play or the Ballet
– Camp Inside
– Gardening Together
– Visit a Museum
– Picnic at the Park
– Living Room Dance Party

I would love to know what is on your to do list? I hope everyone has a lovely organised week 🙂

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