Easter Decorating

April 14, 2014

Earlier this week I shared a photo on Instagram of my Easter front door wreath. I had lots of questions asking how I made it so today I thought I would do a quick tutorial and share some other Easter decorating and craft we have been doing.

I had seen a couple of different wreaths on Pinterest over the past couple of years for all different holidays. So I thought I would apply the same technique to make an Easter themed one.

First I raided my fabric collection and found 6 complementary fabrics, I used about a fat quarter of each fabric. I also got some scissors and a wire coat hanger.

I bent the wire coat hanger into a circle shape (sort of, mine was a plastic coated one so it was really hard to bend).

Then I cut my fabric into strips, about 18cm long and 3 or 4cm wide. I cut way too many but ended up using about 30 of each fabric.

Once I had cut the strips, I started tying them onto the coat hanger. I layed mine out so I could do one of each colour in a pattern, that way I didn’t end up with bunches of one fabric together.

I made sure all the strips were really close together by pushing them as I tied. When I got to the end, I tied a couple right up near the coat hanger hook to cover the twisted bit.

I popped a sticky command hook on my front door and hung my wreath up.

Hazel and I have been doing a few craft projects in the lead up to Easter.

We made some Easter bunting to hang in our entryway. I cut eggs and bunnies out of white card while hazel painted them. Then we taped them to some coloured twine.


We painted a giant Easter egg using pom-poms and clothes pegs.



We made some adorable sock bunnies. Hazel has been carrying them around everywhere. We found a tutorial for them here.

We made some Easter play dough mats using this printable.

Each year I seem to pick up a few more Easter decorations for around our home. Easter decorating is my favourite with the all the gorgeous pastel colours.

This year we made and decorated an Easter tree. We got some twigs and put them into a vase. Then hung painted Easter eggs from the branches.

Hazel has a book basket in her play room which I fill with books for each holiday. She loves to read them leading up to Easter.



Do you decorate for Easter? We are loving our Easter tree this year, I think it may become a new tradition.


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