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February 24, 2014

I have had quite a few questions from my lovely readers asking about my daily routine and how I fit everything into my day. So, today I thought I would give you a glimpse into a day in the Forever Organised household.

My husband shift works, (days and nights, 4 days on and 4 or 5 days off), his work schedule isn’t regular at all and quite often changes at the last minute. I work 3 days a week however to fit in around B, the three days I work are never the same three days (I worked Wednesday, Thursday Friday last week but this week I am working Monday Tuesday and Thursday). And finally, little H goes to day care on Thursdays and Fridays. Our life is far from regular so it was really hard to find a routine that worked for us. It took me about 12 months of swapping and changing to work out a schedule that worked for my whole family. Our daily routine probably isn’t going to suit many people however you will be able to get some ideas to work on one for your family.

The routine I am going to show you today is a regular day when Hazel and I are both home. I don’t include B in our routine, however if he is at home while I am at work, he fills in for what I would usually do. The blue is for days when I go to work or Hazel is at day care.

Kids (and me) thrive on structure so I keep our morning, afternoon and evening routines the same everyday. If we are out of the house, we don’t leave until 9.30am and are home by 5pm which means before and after can be the same everyday.

Okay, here goes.. A day in the Forever Organised house


7am – I wake up, grab a cuppa and sit down to work on my blog. I seem to function best in the mornings so I use this time to write blog posts. If I write in the mornings, I can have a post done in an hour however if I leave it until later in the day it could quite possibly take me 3 or 4 hours. During this time I don’t open my email or use any social media. If I did, it would be lunch time and all I would have accomplished is finding out the latest Facebook gossip. Seriously!

8am – I wake Hazel up and we have a quick little snuggle.

8.05am – Breakfast time. During the week we have a quick and simple breakfast like toast, cereal, yoghurt, fruit or eggs. We save the fun breakfasts for weekends.


8.15am – I pack lunches while Hazel eats her breakfast. I pack a lunchbox for Hazel everyday, even if we are just at home. I find she eats much healthier if it is all there ready to go. If there isn’t something already made, she spends the whole day raiding the pantry.

8.30am – If it is a warm day Hazel goes outside for a play. I unstack the dishwasher and load the breakfast dishes, wipe the benches and do a quick tidy.

8.45am – When I am finished in the kitchen, I join Hazel outside and we hang the washing out together.

8.55am – We come inside to make the beds and give the bathroom basins and toilet a quick wipe over.

9.00am – Hazel and I both get dressed and ready for the day. We also use this time to make sure we have everything in our bags that we need for the day.

9.30am – This is my favourite part of the day, Hazel Time! Some days we have playgroup or swimming. We might go to the library, shopping or do some craft.

9.30am – Take Hazel to daycare

9.45am – Leave for work


11.30am – We arrive home from any activities and I organise lunch while Hazel packs up any toys she has had out.

12.00am – We sit down and have lunch together

12.30am – Hazel has some quiet time reading while I do a quick clean of our living areas

1.00pm – Hazel goes down for her nap (Hazel is starting to not need a day sleep, some days she has one, others she will have some quiet time in her room)

1.10pm – I use this time to blog or organise. I take photos for posts, catch up on social media, or do an organising or decorating project


2.30pm – Hazel wakes up and we do some weekly or monthly cleaning tasks together. I don’t have set days to do tasks because our schedule is so unpredictable, so I just assess what needs doing that day.

3.30pm – Hazel and I take a break and have some afternoon tea

4.00pm – Hazel goes outside to play or does an activity inside (lego, trains, reading, colouring), while I do some more blogging or organising. During this hour I am not as focused as I normally am (I get interrupted to have an emergency tea party quite often) so I use the time to catch up on anything that needs my attention like email, social media or an exploding junk drawer.

5.00pm – If it is a day when we are out of the house, Hazel and I both get home at 5.00pm


5.00pm – I join Hazel outside for a jump on the trampoline, a game of soccer or a chalk drawing competition (my Instagram friends know I am serious!)

5.30pm – I get the washing off the line and fold it

5.45pm – B is usually home at this time so he will bath Hazel while I start dinner


6.15pm – Hazel tidies up the toys she has been playing with (with a little help and encouragement from mum or dad)


6.30pm – Dinner time!

7.00pm – We clear the table then Hazel and I have a bit of time out in her room. I will fold clothes while she reads me a story or we talk about her day at daycare. I also lay her clothes out for the next day

7.15pm – Hazel does her bedtime routine – PJ’s, teeth, toilet and a story

7.30pm – Hazels bed time

7.40pm – I do a quick 15 minute full house pick up – Tidy living areas, collect dirty clothes, take any dishes to the kitchen and pick up any rogue toys

7.55pm – I stack the dishwasher, wipe the benches and sweep the kitchen floor. I hate waking up to a messy kitchen so I do this as soon as Hazel goes to bed before I relax

8.10pm – I put a load of washing on and schedule it to start at 7am the next day. The load is done in time for me to hang it out and means that the washing isn’t sitting in the machine getting smelly for hours

8.15pm – Me time! I use this time to do something for myself. Sometimes I will blog or organise, I might have a long bath and read a magazine or watch a bit of TV. B also has some time for himself. As parents, we spend all day looking after everyone so it is really important to remember to look after your self as well

9.30pm – B and I spend some time together. We might watch a movie, play a board game, or just sit and chat. We also use this time to plan our week and make sure we are both on the same page

10.30pm – De-beautify and shower

11.00pm – Sleep!

Phew! That’s it.

Of course, life is life and our day doesn’t always go this smoothly. But when everything falls apart, we have a game plan to get back on track.

I would love to hear any superstar tips you have for your daily routine. I am always looking for new tips or tricks to make life more organised.


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