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Morning and Bedtime Routines for Kids

February 26, 2014
Yesterday I shared our daily routine with you, so today I thought I would stick with the same theme and show you Hazel’s morning and bedtime routine charts.

Hazel is just starting to understand routines and knows what she has to do when she wakes up and before bed. To help her (and me) out, I did up 2 routine charts. One for when she wakes up and the other before she goes to bed.


I have started Hazel really early (she has just turned 2) with routines and charts. I am hoping by the time she starts school, she will be well acquainted with the idea of routines and following charts and directions.

I used clip art pictures for each task so Hazel can see what she has to do next. She now knows what each task is and what she has to do to complete it.


Our morning routine starts when I wake Hazel up at 8am. She goes to the toilet then joins me for breakfast. After breakfast our schedule allows for a bit of play time while I tidy the kitchen. Hazel then gets dressed, brushes her teeth, puts her shoes and socks on and we check her backpack to make sure she has everything she needs for the day.


In the evening Hazel has a bath at about 6pm and puts her PJ’s on, we then have dinner and the rest of her bedtime routine starts 7.15pm. First she brushes her teeth, then goes to the toilet. We read a book together in her bedroom and at 7.30pm it is time for Hazel to go to sleep.

At the moment we are going through a transitioning phase with Hazels day time sleep. Some days she won’t sleep at all, others she will sleep for about an hour. If she happens to sleep for anymore than an hour (some days even an hour will do it) she will be awake for hours. It is usually about 9.30pm by the time she falls asleep. During this time she is happy to play quietly, so she stays in her room until she is ready to sleep.

I am hoping it won’t be long before we can drop her sleep altogether, however until then her sleep time is a little unpredictable.

So that is Hazel’s morning and bedtime routine. It is working well for us so far, she is happy to do all the tasks and seems to be doing much better at bedtime with a bit more structure.

Just for my lovely readers, I have our morning and bedtime routine charts free for you to download. Click this link to download them and print at home.

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