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Guest Post – Organised Pantry

December 4, 2013

Hi Everyone! I am so excited to have Suzi here today sharing a post
about how she organises her pantry. I am so head-over-heels in love with Suzi’s pantry and I am sure you will be too. Give Suzi a warm Forever Organised welcome!


What were your goals and vision for this space?

The goal for my pantry was to have something that worked within my family’s needs, I needed it organised to make meal times easier, rather than having to move items and look over shelves to find what I was looking for. My vision, given that the pantry is such a big space I wanted to give the look of a full pantry without it being cluttered and strewn everywhere. I wanted to create something that looked neat, appealing and well organized, also keeping in mind that I have a four year old so things had to be structurally sound and also safe. All wholesome snacks are stored in lower baskets for her to access whenever she wants, fruit and vegetables are also accessible to her anytime. No need for climbing or pulling things from higher levels.


What tips do you have for keeping the space organized?

Everything in my pantry has a home. Baskets, containers and jars hold my items making this job easy. I am consistent with putting things back in their place, I give it a quick tidy through weekly and a thorough clean monthly purging items that are past or close to use-by. I have an inventory of items which also makes shopping easier, no double ups meaning it saves time and money. I have printed out a use-by list ( shelf life of goods ) accompanied with meal planning these inventory lists make a great team.

What problems with the room did you overcome?

The space is HUGE (I know right…boohoo poor me), but for me it was a struggle finding the balance of not having TOO much or TOO little. I didn’t want it to look cluttered but I didn’t want it to look too spaced out, I wanted to utilize the entire space. High shelving also posed a problem as children will try to reach for things that look appealing so I stuck with the rule, bad things hidden up high and good things down below at her eye level and within reach.


How has the space effected your life for the better?

Just knowing where to find everything has made meals times so much easier thus making my life easier. Visually seeing where my items are, knowing which basket, jar or container hold the items I need at the time has done wonders. It’s easier to create a meal knowing you have the ingredients before hand and won’t have to rush to the shops! Writing shopping lists are easier to.


What inspired you to create this space?

Coming from my previous home where I had a single door pantry with things were stacked on top of each other, never being able to find anything, I just knew I wanted this space to be something amazing. Oh and Pinterest helped too, LOVE Pinterest. I saw so many amazing and beautiful pantry’s and wanted to create my own kind of beautiful. Pantry envy is real!


What storage solutions were essential for organizing this space?

I opted for BASKETS lots of baskets, containers and jars. The baskets are wonderful, not only can they be used for the purpose of grouping my items which in turn make my life easier but they hide them giving a neat appearance. Jars are so versatile and can be used for many different items again giving the neat appearance. I keep a lot of my dry goods in containers especially items that go bad when exposed to air or little creatures.  Did I mention BASKETS? What a god send they have been.


How did you create zones within your space?

I needed something friendly and easy, I procrastinated for such a long time and have changed my pantry around many times before getting it right ( right for us ). I grouped all items together then determined their locations based on usage, how often the goods are used, what the goods were etc.. So I grouped all tinned goods, staples, snacks, packaged goods, baking goods, meal helpers, condiments and spices and so forth. I have 3 major zones in my pantry for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I worked with that in mind.


Hi my name is Suzi. I am a 29 year old, full time
single mummy and part time worker. I live in Mebourne,Victoria with my very energetic gorgeous 4 year
old girl. In my crazy little world with my  gorgeous girl I have found it necessary to try and be as
organised as I possibly can. My family will say I am somewhat OCD, but I
like to think of it more as I appreciate order and organization.

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