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November 13, 2013

Today I am going to show my lovely readers how I organise my kitchen drawers and how I keep them organised.

The first drawer is for my cutlery, I only keep what is absolutely necessary in this drawer because it can get out of control very quickly. Each utensil has its own space so there is no confusion as to where they go.

The second drawer is for all our utensils. The big drawer divider is from Kmart and the two little ones are from Big W. The big one is divided up into three sections, the first holds all our food preparation utensils, the second holds our cooking utensils and the third holds our baking utensils. The two containers at the front hold our measuring spoons and vegetable peelers and along the side I keep wooden skewers and a lighter.

The third drawer holds all the other bits and pieces. I used 4 square trays from Kmart to divide the drawer up. I keep all the kids spoons and forks in one, another has stuff that I use for Hazels lunch box like cookie cutters and silicone cupcake holders. The two trays at the back hold things like, egg timers, rings and separators, sieve, pizza cutter and bottle openers. Along the side I keep all our serving spoons, cheese knives and chopsticks.

The bottom drawer has all our tea towels. When we did our kitchen during week 1 of the Spring Organising Challenge I decided to donate all my tea towels and start again. They were getting quite old and ratty so I can’t tell you how lovely it is to have a drawer full of nice new ones! Under one of the stacks of tea towels I have a food cover and at the back of the drawer I keep our grater and mandolin.

All our kitchen knives go in a knife block and utensils that are used everyday like tongs, spatulas and spoons are kept in a decorative jar. We keep both of these next to our stove top.

The most important thing about organising your drawers is finding good storage solutions. You want something that fits perfectly with no wasted space. Measure your drawer and take those measurements with you when you go shopping to find the perfect divider.

To keep my drawers organised, every time I unstack our dishwasher I give them a quick tidy up. It only takes a few seconds and the drawers stay nice and clean. I also take everything out and give the dividers a quick wipe over every couple of weeks, it takes no time, so I usually do this while I am waiting for dinner to cook or am on the phone.

I don’t have a junk drawer in my kitchen because firstly, I don’t have the room and secondly, they are just wasted space. Find a home for all that stuff and put your junk drawer to better use.

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