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Guest Post – Organised Photobooks

November 25, 2013

Hi Everyone! I am so excited to have Jessica here today sharing a post about how she organises her Photobooks. I am so inspired by her post, I can’t wait to start creating some photo books and finally get all my photo’s in order. Give Jess a warm Forever Organised welcome!

First up I’d like to say my name is Jessie Schultz and I’m a photo addict. I have multiple photo walls and canvases in my home, I make my own Christmas cards using pics of my son, whenever there is an upcoming event I make my own custom invites using photos… pretty much any excuse. But my pride and joy of my photo addiction are my digital photo books!

My son Hudson was born in August of 2010 and when he was about 2 months old I had a chat to a close girlfriend who was telling me about her preparation for Christmas and the ‘photo book’ she makes each year of her daughter to give to her parents and to her in-laws. Even though Hudson was only a couple of months old I had MORE than enough photos to layout in a 20 page book. After seeing our families’ reaction to these books I thought to myself ‘I want one!…….and I want a BIG one!…Every year!’.

So it was just after my son’s first Christmas, when he was 4 months old, that I got hooked on the hobby and photo organizing method that is photo booking. And to cut a long story short I’ve actually crossed the line in the last 6 months and no longer call myself a ‘Photo Booker’ I’m a ‘Digital Scrapbooker’ laying out each page with such detail and using various ‘Digiscrap Kits’ to make each page my own little work of art.

It’s great having them in our living/dining area and when family and friends visit I often get asked if I’ve got any projects printed recently (because I always have a few on the go at once). Inside this neat collection of five 12×12 inch books is an approximate combined total of 2 000 photos. For those that love organization and minimal clutter this method is definitely for you. I’ve gotten so many of my friends onto photo booking over the past 3 years and always get asked with where to start.
In regards to various sites there are HEAPS out there and you can create yourself a 20 page book for as little as $10 if you find the right deal. I’m a fan of the hard cover 12 x 12 inch style book, which when on sale on the Harvey Norman PhotoCentre website you can create a 20 page for under $30. (additional pages are charged per page.)



(my personal 2 favourite sites I use are ‘Harvey Norman Photocentre’ and ‘The Photobook Club’.)
How most of the sites work is that you create an account (for free) then upload your folders into files on their site. Select the size and type of book you want and their easy to use online programs make it so that you can save after working on a couple of pages and return to the project later and when you are ready pay to get printed and delivered. (Tip: unless you are needing your book as soon as you are finished leave it saved and completed on the site until they email you about sales or promotions. The photo book market is becoming so competitive that you won’t have to wait longer than 6 weeks for a 40% or even 50% off sale to happen.)
When creating your book. Most sites give you an ‘auto fill’ option which means you click off one of their template books. Select the photos you want used in the book and the program lays it out for you in a matter of seconds. Or you can place each photo yourself. It’s great fun to have a play around with the various backgrounds, embellishments and frames you can do up your books with. So I highly recommend logging on to this when the littlies are sleeping.


1)Appropriate background; I’m a big lover of ‘appropriate backgrounds’. It looks that bit extra special when you select a background that goes with the theme of a set of pics on a page. (Example below is using an ‘under the sea’ background on the day of our holiday when my husband and I went diving.

2)Captions and Journalling; In my holiday album I chose to pick out highlights from my travel journal I kept and put them with the photos. In Hudson’s annual book (which is generally about 100 pages, broken in to month by month sections) I place the odd caption in amongst the pics but the main thing I do is a monthly ‘journal/summary’ for that month. The amount of times people that I get onto photo booking go ‘Oh I wish I had noted more stuff to make a page like that’. The fact is you probably have. 
I’m in a bit of a rhythm now where at the start of the month I work on the previous month’s pages for Hudson’s annual book. When creating a journal or summary page I:
a) Look back over any quirky Facebook status’ or Instagram pics I posted and note the date.
b)Scroll through my texts to my husband, parents and inlaws there’s generally a few little things in there.
c) Look closely at the pics themselves and look at the date they were taken. It’s amazing how many little funny/cute things you remember from looking at pics that you may want to make a note of.


3)Personal Message; A personal message on either the first or last page I believe is the seal on the effort and love you have put into creating the book.

Like a lot of massive organizing tasks this can get very time consuming but what started as something I wanted to do so that I no longer had those fat albums which only held a couple of hundred 6×4’s has definitely become a beloved hobby.

My current projects:

My Wedding Album: I got married in Thailand in February and my Wedding Book is ‘getting there’ …40 pages done… 30 odd to go.

The Annual Christmas Book (for my parents and inlaws): 3 more pages and it’s finished…..for another year. Our families really love receiving this at Christmas.


And something I finished on the weekend. A book for my cousin whom I was maid of honour for recently in her wedding. I created a little 8×8 inch hardcover book with all the photos from her Wizard of Oz themed Bridal Shower and Hens Night.




Jessica Schultz is a work-at-home Mum who does website maintenance and article writing for her inlaws’ business Sewroo Products. Sewroo Products are high quality Australian made ironing board covers, peg bags and wash bags. Jessica also has her own business Stepford Cupcakes making and decorating custom designed cupcakes for all occasions.  Jessica loves getting to work at home and constantly be with her son Hudson and puppy Willow, she’s an avid organisational and cleaning enthusiast who can be found hanging out online in the ‘Forever Organised challenge group’.

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