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September 27, 2013

The entryway to our home has looked quite sad and sorry since we moved in almost 2 years ago. I decided it was well and truly time for a make over to transform the space into something welcoming and practical.

Our entryway was getting a little out of control with all the shoes, bags, coats and scarves so I wanted to create something to contain all that mess. I started with this bench seat that I found on Gumtree for all of $10.00, it needed a bit of love but it was $10.00!

I spray painted the legs of the bench seat with black spray paint. Then I bought some foam the same size as the seat and glued it on with spray adhesive then covered the whole thing with a beige linen fabric. I picked up these three baskets from Kmart to fit perfectly under the seat.

The baskets took care of the shoes but I still needed something for the coats and bags. I got this plank of wood from the hardware store, it is just a pine plank about 1.2mtrs x 20cm. I wanted it a bit rustic looking so I found the most beat up one I could, then stained it with some dark wenge stain. I screwed 5 hooks to it then put it up on the wall above the bench seat. I put the clock up above the hooks and a cushion on the bench seat to complete the space. The only thing I would like to add to the area is a umbrella holder however I am not having much luck finding one I love.

We have this other little space in out entryway between our garage door and the doorway to the kitchen. I have had this little console table for years {my poor table is looking a little worse for wear, it is next on my project list} so I thought I would pretty it up a bit while I was there. First I put a mirror up on the wall above the table then started searching for accessories for my table vignette.

I wanted the neutral colours to flow from our lounge room into our entryway so this gorgeous vessel from Freedom furniture was the perfect colour and gives the table a bit of height. I stacked a couple of decorating books on the other side of the table and found this canister at Adore home wares to sit on top. I love the canister because it is perfect for fresh flowers however if I don’t have any I can pop the lid back on and it still looks great. I put a candle between the vessel and books to finish it off and a basket with some magazines under the table.

I am really happy with how the space has come together, it could do with a few little tweaks however it is so much better than before. Our entry way now has a purpose rather than being wasted space and I couldn’t be happier.


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