{15 Minute Monday} Catch-All Basket

August 19, 2013

Today I am continuing on with my 15 Minute Monday posts. Each Monday I will post an organising task that will only take you 15 minutes to complete. 52 of these throughout the year and we will be well on our way to having beautifully organised homes. Follow along on Instagram or Facebook and together we can organised our homes 15 minutes at a time.

This week I am going to show you how we use a catch-all basket to keep our kitchen benches and main living areas tidy. Last week I showed you how we used some cupboards to divide our living area and create a playroom for little H. It is working fantastically, however we soon found that that top of the cupboards was becoming a bit of a dumping area for bits and pieces that needed to go away.

All of those things that needed to go to the bedrooms would pile up throughout the day and start to look a bit like this.

I am sure you all know by now that I hate clutter, it makes me quite anxious having lots of stuff lying around. However it was pretty clear that as much as I tried, there was always going to be stuff on top of the cupboards.

So, I put it all in a basket. Throughout the day, anything that needs to go to the bedrooms goes into the basket and at the end of the day I take the basket and put it away.

I know I could just put the stuff away rather than dump it on the cupboard but this has saved me so much time. Instead of doing 20 trips back and forward throughout the day, I now do it all in one go. I am all about making things easier for myself. The basket sits on top of the playroom cupboard which is just near the hallway to the bedrooms.

All you need for this 15 Minute Monday (which should only take about 3 minutes) is a basket. It can be anything really as long as it is big enough to hold a days worth of clutter. Pop everything off your benches into the basket and enjoy having clutter free benches.

I have a couple of tips, make sure you put the contents of your basket away at least a few times a week (everyday is better). Also you don’t want your basket to be too big that it just becomes another dumping area.

We live in a one story house now however our last house was two story and this basket was a life saver (I was pregnant at the time so trekking up and down the stairs all day was torture). If you have a two story house, you might want to put one at the top and bottom of the stairs to get rid of those piles on the top and bottom step (you know what I am talking about!)

I hope this quick little tip helps to keep your living areas clutter free. Don’t forget to post a picture to my Facebook page or hashtag #15minutemonday on Instagram. If you would like to catch up on previous 15 Minute Mondays posts, you can find them all here.

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