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How to Organise your To Do Lists

July 22, 2013

That sounds crazy but I know you know what I am talking about. The post it note here, the scrap of paper there, a random notebook and something scribbled on the back of a magazine. I struggled with to do lists for the longest time. I had no problem writing stuff down it was keeping track of where I had written it was my problem.

I have finally found a system for my to do lists to make sure they actually get done. I use just 3 lists:

The first is The Big List. This list has longish term to do’s, stuff that needs to be done in the near future but not necessarily today. Tasks that make an appearance on my list include; cleaning out the garage, re-organising my office, sewing couch cushions and painting the buffet. This list can include pretty much anything that doesn’t need to be done this week.

Word of warning: my big list is huge! like 3 pages huge {hence the name}. But that is okay because it is all in one place. You know where to find it and when you have a free bit of time you can pick something off the list and get it finished.

Next up is your weekly to do. I keep mine inside my day planner. On this list, as the name suggests, you want to include everything you want to accomplish this week. I sit down and fill mine out on sunday night also checking my day planner and with hubby for upcoming events.

On this list I usually have any cleaning that I need to get done, organisation projects, errands I need to run and any tasks I need to complete for my weekly goals.

If I know I am going to have a bit of spare time during the week, I will pick one of my Big List tasks and add it to my weekly list. Sometimes the projects on my big list a huge jobs {like cleaning out the garage}, in this case I might do it over a couple of weeks and add sections of the task to my weekly list.

Last but certainly not least, The Six List. Each night I write a list of the six most important things I need to do the next day in order of priority. Some of these tasks I will take from my weekly list and some are tasks I need to complete for work, or the blog. If I need to contact someone, it goes on The Six List because I guarantee if its not there, I will forget all about it.

The Big List and my weekly to do are both kept in my Day Planner. I keep my six list on a clipboard on my kitchen counter, that way I have to look at it all day and ensures I get it all completed.

Are you a list hoarder? Or is your to do list perfectly organised? I would love to hear how you keep on top of your lists.

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  • Reply Ann September 28, 2015 at 11:04 am

    Where do you get the list?

  • Reply Julie September 30, 2015 at 10:07 pm

    I LOVE my lists!

  • Reply Ellen Allsop June 17, 2016 at 12:46 am

    I love lists as well 🙂 I generally have a list like your big list on the go and in term time I have a study list as well (doing an Open Uniersity degree requires a lot of self organisation!) When I am really busy I put I star by the things on my weekly plan that are my biggest priorities and make sure I get them done even if nothing else gets done – not really a list but I guess it is similar to your six list idea 🙂

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