Cleaning Schedule {Part 1}

April 14, 2013

Today I want to chat about cleaning, UGH! I know right? But it is a necessary evil, not much point having a perfectly organised house if all your hard work is covered in mess.

I am going to show you our cleaning schedule and how we came up with it.

First things first, you need to decide when and how often you want (or need) to clean and what times you have available. There is a couple of different ways you can do it, have a set day for each cleaning task e.g. Monday is bathroom day, Tuesday is floors. You can do the whole lot in one day or you can have a list which you work on throughout the week.

We use the list option. I work 3 days a week and every week they are a different 3 days. So for us having a list and working through it whenever I have time is perfect. I must add that this requires a bit of determination and time management. We have had a few busy weeks where we got to sunday and had not done a single thing!

Once you decide what system you are going to use, you need to write a list of all the cleaning tasks you want to achieve and how often they need to be done.

We have 3 lists; daily, weekly and monthly (which usually ends up being every 2 months).

Your daily list should be your bare minimum, what is absolutely necessary to keep your house somewhat tidy. For us, we need to do a load of laundry every day, the dishwasher needs to be stacked and unstacked, the floor needs to be swept and we need to do at least one pick up during the day.

I have some other things that I have added to my list, these are more for my sanity than anything else. If I have a few busy days where not much gets done my stress levels soar. I think my crazy seems to be directly proportionate to how clean my house is.

Next week I am going to look at schedules. If your daily list is super long be prepared to cut things when we do our schedule. I wish time grew on trees, but unfortunately there is only so many hours in a day. I don’t know about you but if my list is so long it is unachievable I feel defeated and give up. You are better off getting a smaller amount done than nothing at all.

Okay now we need to look at our weekly list. It is perfectly fine to run on a fortnightly list if that suits your family better. I have a 16 month old so I need to wash my floors (at least) once a week, however if your children are more civilised eaters than mine you could get away with mopping once a fortnight.

Don’t be afraid to add things like filing and meal planning to your weekly list as well as the usual cleaning bathrooms, washing sheets and vacuuming

Our monthly list isn’t really a monthly list, maybe more 2 monthly. I work through the list whenever I have a bit of time spare and when I have everything crossed out, I start again. I am usually pretty good with it but if you find that you forget about it or it is taking longer than 2-3 months maybe try putting the date you start up the top. That way you have a reminder of when you need to have it all finished {we all know how fast 6 months can slip away}.

I wanted my list to be as simple as possible but if you decide that you only want to clean out cupboards once a year, go ahead and make an annual list as well. You could also have a bi-annual or 3 monthly list.

I recommend trying out your list for a week before beautifying it too much, you may decide that you need to vacuum daily but only need to clean bathrooms once a year (ha I wish).

Now where to put this amazing list? You will have to wait for my next post. I have something FAB to show you!

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